Wind Turbine & JonathanOn the 1st April 2017 Severn Drives and Energy (SDE) handed over the fully commissioned SVG Statcom to the operators of Beinneun Wind Farm, that has now been running without incident for the past 5 months. 

The windfarm, which is just southwest of Loch Ness, is settled in the Scottish Highlands on a remote site that is only shared with rutting stags and their hinds.  Rising up out of the heather the thirty-two 3.4 Mega Watt wind turbines deliver a total output of 108.8 Mega Watts, with each turbine having the ability to power 100 homes this is enough to keep 3,200 households out of the dark!  

SDE have an ongoing service and maintenance agreement in place, with 4 planned service visits arranged per year to keep the Statcom running to its maximum potential.   In addition to the service visits, the output and efficiency of the wind farm is monitored remotely via the Statcom using bespoke software, enabling any issues to be raised in a timely manner.

With the success of the Beinneun Windfarm project behind them SDE are currently bidding on a further three global projects in Eire (Southern Ireland), South Africa and Jordan.

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