Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) at LB Bentley are now underpinned by advanced data logging equipment supplied by sister company Severn Subsea Technologies (SST).  The initial concept and design was developed by LBB to meet the demands of the industry’s test requirements. SST were then commissioned to enhance these requirements and integrate them into the final design and production of the Data Logging units.

Three units are being installed at LB Bentley’s small bore subsea valve production facility. They record and store FAT data accurately and automatically, providing evidence that equipment satisfies required performance criteria.

Each unit records pressures, temperatures and test duration, in line with project-specific requirements. Various criteria can be loaded onto each data logger, enabling data storage parameters to be tailored to the precise needs of the product under test.

Close collaboration between SST and LB Bentley enabled the data loggers to be optimised for the testing of subsea valves and associated equipment. SST has a longstanding pedigree in electrical design, software development and specialist manufacturing as well as extensive subsea application knowledge. Full training is being delivered during installation of the units, and test technicians have praised their user-friendly interface.

Production Assembly Foreman Melvin Stephens says: “The data loggers are very simple to use, and are certainly quicker and easier than the old chart recorders. They’re well designed and should be robust enough to cope with day-to-day use in our busy test environment.”

More information on SST and the data logger equipment supplied to LB Bentley is available via info@severnst.com