Over the last few years LB Bentley Ltd (LBB) has made a considerable investment into improving our environmental credentials.  Part of this process has been to reduce the amount of waste produced by both our manufacturing and support functions.

An area of focus we set for the business was to make significant environmental improvements on our approach to the disposal of waste.  With the advice and support of our waste management supplier ‘Printwaste’, a company who deliver a high standard of quality waste management solutions, LBB have succeeded in achieving ‘zero waste to landfill’ status.  This has been achieved by taking on board a Waste-to-energy Scheme delivered by Printwaste. zero-waste-to-landfill-certificate

Waste-to-energy is a hygienic, cost effective and environmentally efficient way of handling waste materials.  Energy is effectively produced from everyday items with minimal environmental impact.

Apart from the other specific waste streams that are recovered or recycled, Printwaste handle all of LBB’s general waste produced.  They ensure that it is pre-sorted for recycling and the balance goes for incineration to create energy such as heat and electricity.  The Waste-to-energy Scheme ensures that the amount of landfill waste is minimised by removing the inert solids prior to incineration, these are then used for purposes such as road fill.

Paul Reid, Facilities Manager at LBB, commented that “Printwaste are a proactive local company, who have supported us closely to achieve an improvement of not just our environmental targets but also our cost reduction targets.”

The long term benefits of being part of a Waste-to-energy Scheme is the reduction in the volume of waste to landfill resulting a reduction of greenhouse gases and pollution, and a reduction on carbon emission by creating energy in a renewable and sustainable manner.

In 2016, Printwaste helped to produce approximately 814,450 kWh of electricity through their Waste-to-energy Scheme; producing enough energy to make 65.2 million cups of tea or coffee – that’s 1 for every individual in the UK!

This is the first stage of LBB’s long term goal and we will continue to strive to improve our environmental performance year on year, by the introduction and adoption of new environmental technologies, processes and procedures.

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