As part of the LB Bentley (LBB) ‘Continuous Development Program’ analysis of the market requirements by Colin Earle, our Business Development Manager, determined that there was a demand for the 3/8” Rotary Gate Valve to be available in HH trim at 15,000psi pressure rating, this being a higher level than that currently produced.  An important requirement was that the new design had to have the same installation envelope and ensure that LBB quality was not compromised in any way.

Whilst the existing 10k (10,000psi pressure rated) product is qualified at 150°C to 10,000ft, a review of the design calculations confirmed that the body and bolting material used for this product were not suitable for the higher stress levels produced at higher pressures.  The solution was to upgrade the pressure containing parts to the significantly stronger NA925 alloy whilst simultaneously upgrading the standard LAS (low alloy steel) bolting to NA718.  A prototype valve has now successfully completed qualification to 1,200 cycles, which was witnessed by Lloyds.  As with all LBB valves and actuators this satisfies the full requirements of API 17D 2nd Edition and meets or exceeds major international standards.

Full information including Independent Review Certificates, Test Qualification Certificate, material listings are available on request, please contact