Butterfly valve

               Typical Sealant Flow Path

Almost all valves experience some form of particulate abrasion in the course of their operational life. Over time they inevitably need to be repaired or replaced. Butterfly valves present a particular challenge; since they don’t have a cavity it has traditionally been impossible to reseal them without removal from the line. This can result in costly unplanned downtime when they fail.

Severn Leeds has overcome this problem with the development of SPIRES® (Sealant Pressure Injection Reserve Endurance System). The solution incorporates an emergency sealant system as a fundamental design feature of the valve.

Independent tests conducted by Saudi Aramco showed SPIRES® can achieve bubble tight shut-off, even when a valve’s seat is badly damaged.

For more information about Saudi Aramco’s testing of SPIRES®, download the case study from the Severn Glocon Group website: