Severn’s model for establishing world-class valve engineering skills locally in key production markets that have previously lacked investment continues to reap rewards. This led to the recent launch of GenesisSG in Ghana, a relative newcomer to the oil and gas market that is seeking to ramp up production and push for energy independence.

The overarching SVS goal is to address capability gaps, enhancing the long-term prospects of regions that have faced socio-political issues or experienced rapid growth of new processing industries. It involves blending Severn’s advanced valve engineering expertise with infrastructure support and knowledge of local partner organisations. This is applied strategically to facilitate better valve population management alongside training and development of local engineers.

Successful ventures in Iraq and Kazakhstan have led to significant performance improvements for organisations including Basra Gas Company. A small team of valve experts from overseas mentors local engineers, progressively handing over greater levels of responsibility. The ultimate intention is to redeploy the expats to new markets requiring support, once local engineers are fully empowered to handle the technical demands of proactive valve management.

The approach is now being used as a blueprint for the rollout of similar ventures in other markets that require specialist valve engineering support.