Following the successful completion of an £800k Static Var Generator project for a windfarm in Scotland, business growth is accelerating for Severn Drives and Energy.

The latest landmark project secured by the division will involve the supply, installation and commissioning of a 4Mvar SVG Statcom for an Irish windfarm. Jonathan Jones, divisional director, believes specialist engineering expertise coupled with proven project management skills helped net the contract.jonathan-jones

“The technologies we offer are the best on the market, and very price competitive, but that only addresses one aspect of the operator’s decision-making process,” Jonathan explains. “Like all Severn’s businesses, we are very service-centric and go the extra mile for clients right from the outset.

“We have some of the world’s most talented electrical power engineers on our team. Early in the tendering procedure, it became clear to the operator that our agile set-up enabled us to offer intelligent engineering responses on-demand. What’s more, our project management team is well-versed in the delivery of £multimillion projects. This gives clients confidence and assurance that we can pre-empt what’s needed and confidently handle complications if they arise, ensuring on-time completion.”

In addition to wind energy projects, Severn Drives and Energy is targeting the wave and tidal energy sector, which is experiencing significant growth at a global level. The division recently secured a contract for a wave energy project to be commissioned in Scotland later this year. It will form part of a consortium developing an industry standard wave energy electrical power take-off system. This is a strategically important project, and one which is desperately needed by the wave and tidal industry to counter the costs currently incurred for one-off designs.

Jonathan says he’s also looking at potential business developments in battery storage, which he anticipates will offer growth opportunities over the coming decade. “We’re now recognised as a serious player in the electrical power engineering space for renewables, and we’re actively looking for ways to enhance our offering to fuel continued growth.”