Severn Drives & Energy Ltd specialise in delivering a range of products that enhance the capability of efficient energy use and distribution for energy providers and manufacturers, all in an economically and environmentally friendly package.

 With the phasing out of coal-based energy, renewable wind energy is significantly on the increase, with the wind energy in the UK being up to 24% on average of the total energy usage on a daily basis used by the grid.  This increase in wind power requirement has led to Severn Drives & Energy focussing on the wind energy market over the last few years, by supplying renewable energy providers with leading technology that supports the scalable development of wind farms.

 The Mvar SVG Statcom overcomes the grid integration challenges by solving the problems presented by low PF, voltage deviation, fluctuation and flicker, notoriously issues associated with wind turbines. The SVG Statcom can reduce the negative effect of voltage fluctuation whilst delivering a cost-effective solution when combined with shunt reactors and capacitors.

 The latest project for an Irish wind farm, with a value of around €600,000, is the supply and commissioning of a 4Mvar SVG Statcom, that includes a 10kv to 22kv step-up grid connected Statcom transformer and a liquid-cooling pump skid and de-ionisation package.  The Statcom will support the wind farm generated output, and has scalability features that ensure ease of expansion.  This phase of development will also be fully supported by the in-house professional team who cover all aspects of the servicing and commissioning the equipment such as installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting.

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