Pushing the Rotary Gate Valve Boundaries

As part of the LB Bentley (LBB) ‘Continuous Development Program’ analysis of the market requirements by Colin Earle, our Business Development Manager, determined that there was a demand for the 3/8” Rotary Gate Valve to be available in HH trim … Continue reading

New Accumulated Testing Facilities Installed

As part of LB Bentley’s ongoing commitment to Product Development, it was decided that the most stringent test regime would be applied to the testing of our products, and in particular our hydraulic actuators.  In order to achieve this accurately … Continue reading

SST raises the bar with new Tool Detection Alarm

Severn Subsea Technologies (SST) has developed an advanced Tool Detection Alarm (TDA) system that brings multiple commercial, safety and environmental benefits. TDAs are a niche product used to reduce the risk of accidental contact between borehole tools and wellhead equipment … Continue reading